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Interface display and description


Processing effect example

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  1. It is used to remove gray background from pictures of books and test papers taken by mobile phones
  2. Directly bleach images in PDF files
  3. After the batch processing of images is completed, they can be directly created into PDF or DOCX files

detail intruduction

  1. Supports two modes to crop pictures to remove edge parts. Can be cropped to absolute size or proportionally to the edges
  2. Support two modes to adjust the image size, you can set the absolute value of width and height, or you can zoom in and out proportionally
  3. Support rotate/flip pictures
  4. Support to correct perspective distortion, and can manually specify the output image ratio
  5. Support batch processing
  6. Support file drag and drop
  7. Support editing tools, including eraser, brush, line, rectangle, circle, text and other tools, so that you can manually remove the unbleached part or other content that you don't want to keep after bleaching, and you can also use it on pictures. Other tools for simple annotation
  8. Supports direct processing of pictures in PDF files
  9. Batch processing results can directly create PDF or Docx documents, and use this function to convert a batch of pictures into PDF and Docx documents

special function

  1. Support mouse wheel operation mode customization
  2. Originally to automatically determine the aspect ratio before perspective deformation
  3. Various operation sequences support customization during batch processing
  4. User-friendly picture browsing in the main window, move/zoom in/zoom out, you can even use this software as an image viewer
  5. Support post-processing tools, so that you can manually remove the unbleached parts or other content that you don't want to keep after bleaching, and you can simply mark the pictures with other tools, so that you can solve all problems in one go, No need to go to PS to make final touch-up changes
  6. Supports direct processing of PDF files, and the results of batch processing pictures can directly create PDF or Docx documents


Overall operation mode description

Instructions for use

Open picture

  1. Open a single image via the menu
  2. Open a single image via the Open button on the toolbar
  3. By double-clicking (can also be changed to single-click by setting) the picture file in the file list of the File System panel
  4. Drag the picture file to the window (when opening the picture by dragging, the picture will be automatically added to the batch processing file list)

Special instructions: When opening, it will not remind you to save the pictures that have been opened and processed, you need to ensure that the files and modifications have been manually saved

remove background

This can be done by clicking a button from the menu or toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl+X

Advanced Processing Panel





batch processing

Settings panel

There are three sliders and two checkboxes in this panel

Filesystem panel

This panel can browse the file system, and the supported image files will be displayed in the tree view. You can double-click to open the image for viewing and processing. Through the settings menu, you can change it to click to open with the mouse.

Modify the tool panel (reformed as a toolbar, supports single-key shortcuts)

This panel contains all the modification tools, through which the eraser can manually remove the noise on the image that is not automatically removed or other content you do not need

Toolbar Description

All buttons on the toolbar will display a prompt message when the mouse is over

About registration

In order to be able to provide sustainable services, this tool is now registered as a registration system, and there are currently two registration schemes:

  1. 10 yuan/month
  2. 50 yuan long-term

Please scan the QR code below to pay and send the screenshot and machine code to us, we will send you the registration code as soon as possible (5-10 minutes)
**If you regret after paying, we also support refunds, see Refund Instructions for details. **

Registration and reward

Registration method

  1. Click the crown icon on the toolbar or the corresponding menu in the help menu to open the registration dialog
  2. Send me the machine code and payment screenshot below the dialog box to get the registration code
  3. After getting the registration code, click [I have a serial number] on the registration window
  4. Switch to the registration page in the registration window, enter the registration code you just got, and enter your registration name [2-16 characters]
  5. When registering, you can voluntarily choose whether to register contact information [without leaving any contact information, registration and use will not be affected]
  6. Then click the [Register] button at the bottom of the window to complete the registration
  7. Please keep the registration code and registration name properly. If you need a refund, you need these two pieces of information

Bind new computer

One registration code supports binding 3 computers at the same time. If you want to bind on other computers, please install the software on the bound computer, then open the registration window, click [I have a serial number], and then enter the registration code and registration name, Finally, click [Bind this computer].

*Sometimes, the configuration information may be lost due to the abnormal shutdown of the software, and the display is not registered. At this time, use the registration code and registration name binding once to [not registration], and bind multiple times in the same computer Not counting new computers. *



  1. Fixed the problem of incomplete display of tool setting information in the high score screen (Surface display is normal)
  2. Fixed the problem of overwriting existing settings when upgrading (can avoid re-registration/binding)


  1. Change to registered software, 10 yuan/month or 50 yuan long-term, there are functional restrictions without registration
  2. Supports direct bleaching of pdf files, and can also extract all images in PDF
  3. Support processing results to directly create pdf or word document format
  4. The UI of the modification tool has been greatly changed, and now it saves more screen space
  5. The modification tool supports shortcut keys, making the operation more convenient:

    Move Tool (space)
    Eraser (E)
    Free Draw(B,P)
    Rectangle (R)
    text(T, W)
    Eraser size, pen tool thickness
    Increase: +,=,]

  6. Fixed cropping supports shortcut keys, just right-click to frame the desired part, and press the X key to quickly crop
  7. More excellent handwriting board support, large-picture handwriting is no longer stuck
  8. Now you can use the batch processing function to create a series of pictures into PDF or DOCX documents
  9. Add UI skinning function, with one set of bright color and one set of dark skin






  1. Added the function of saving window layout and window position
  2. Optimized the setting information
  3. Change the form style file to \QSS\UIStyle.qss


  1. Enlarged image anti-aliasing optimization
  2. Fix the problem of correcting image crash during batch operation
  3. Fix the problem that the last file is not added when batch dragging and dropping


  1. Anti-aliasing and smooth display when the image is enlarged;
  2. Added Splash page;
  3. Removed the Demo tag;


  1. Supports automatic adjustment of parameters, and can automatically adapt to most pictures;
  2. Added simple printing function, which can realize basic printing function;
  3. Added the function of clicking and selecting pictures in the file system, which is docked on the left by default;
  4. Three buttons are added on the right side of the toolbar to control the display and hide of the Dock;
  5. Support QSS custom UI style, the current code will be automatically loaded into the /QSS/Ubuntu.qss file in the executable file path, you can modify this file to adjust the interface style.


  1. Fixed some text errors and correction settings page logic errors.
  2. Added a new language to support English automatic switching.


  1. Version with basic functions
  2. Highlight support for mouse wheel customization

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